It’s my immense pleasure to welcome you to my space. As a programmer, I always feel that the world runs because of fellow members like me. Look around you and today everything runs programmed. It all started almost six decades back when our legends started programming into an electronic device. And almost three decades after one man boldly took it to a different place and still now the biggest part of the programmers follow his foot path taking the human kind into a whole new evolution.

This site is dedicated to my fellow programmers who are committed in changing our lovely planet into a better living place through Microsoft technologies.

Since my first programming during my school days on GW BASIC, I fell in love with programming and I live with it till now. After my technical studies, I moved on to hardware service and networking still holding my dreams being a programmer. After an year, I got my opportunity to live my dream.

I currently work for Microsoft; developing applications on their platform and evangelizing our products and tools.

My interest lies on VB6, .net,,, C#, Web Services, OOA / OOD, WPF, WCF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, Azure, Windows Store Apps etc. As a learner, I strive to learn more and keep my knowledge up to date.

Making my next leap, this is my attempt to help my fellow programmers in learning and understanding better.

Your comments and feedback are most welcome and please help me in making this place better.

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