I have decided to write a complete forum to help programmers develop for Microsoft Surface 2 and over this series I will try to make you learn everything you would require for programming on Surface. Also I will try to keep up my pace of at least one article per week. So lets start from the basics.


What is Surface

Microsoft SurfaceTM though seen as an innovative technology even in today’s era, it isn’t so modern as it might appear to you. The first prototype for the device was designed almost a decade back. It was 2001 when Steven Bathiche and Andy Wilson who were the master mind behind these. Their initial idea was to have an interactive table that could understand natural interface and also physical objects. The device should also have a rich and intuitive interaction. Above everything they also wanted the device to be used by everyone and it shouldn’t be a piece sitting in any museum.

After almost 2 years, in 2003 the team presented a prototype code named T1 to Bill Gates. Guess what, Gates immediately liked the idea and sooner the team grew and the applications started pouring in. One of the earlier applications which got into the surface is Pinball, Photo Browser and Video Puzzle.

Surface T1 Prototype

The T1 prototype presented to Bill Gates in 2003


The surface by now could recognize a variety of digital storage by just placing at it’s top and also can transfer the data. The famous domino tag (3/4″, 8 bit) was decided during this evolution. During the final stage of the proto, it used as much as 5 cameras to detect the motion and the objects on the surface. The team over the time of research also designed a lot of proto on the hardware and the most popular among them are the “Tub” (introduced in 2004) and the Surface 1.0. Gates approved the design the now Surface 1.0

Tub Surface Prototype

The Tub Prototype


Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface 1.0


The Surface was officially launched by Steve Ballmer on May 30th, 2007. T-Mobile, Harrah’s Entertainment were the few first companies to deploy the Surface. International Game Technology became the first distributor.

As early as April 2008 the AT & T is the first to launch the Surface in their retail location. MSNBC used it to work with the poll maps for the 2008 US Presidential election and it rocked the entire country more than the poll results. Today Surface technology is used in multiple areas and in a wide lot of regions and companies.

Programming With Microsoft Surface 2.0 – Part 1
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