I am very happy and excited to announce that this TechEd I will be presenting along with my friend Abhijit Jana. We will be presenting a session which will showcase the integration of Windows Azure, Windows Phone, Windows 8 Metro and Kinect.

For the presentation we have developed a proto solution for Home Security. Well let me explain how we have put all these technologies into action. The kinect device will serve as a watch dog at the home which is connected to the Azure. The device will be uploading patrol images to the Azure on regular intervals. Once there is a human intrusion detected, the Kinect will send a alert to the Azure and also will start streaming the live video to the Smooth Streaming Server hosted on Azure. Once the Azure, receives the alert, it will send a notification to the subscribed Windows Phones and Windows 8 Metro apps where you can watch the video streamed live from the kinect. Well, that’s not the end, we will also demonstrate on controlling Kinect from Windows Phone / Windows 8 Metro app using Azure App Fabric.

We will be discussing all the technologies involved extensively along with a live demonstration in the TechEd.

Session Title : Windows Azure meets Kinect, Windows Phone and Windows 8 Metro
Track : Windows Azure
Date : 21 March 2012 1415 Hrs. IST
Venue : LaLiT Ashok’s, Kumara Krupa High Grounds, Bengaluru – 560001


Teaser Video

TechEd India 2012 – Integrating Windows Azure, Windows Phone, Windows 8 Metro and Kinect
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